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Getting Started as a Family Caregiver

Our team is truly experienced with a proven track record of providing fast, friendly & effective enrollment and support for family caregiving. Contact us today to check eligibility, and to find out how much & how quick you can get start getting paid to care for your loved one. 

We are currently looking to hire family caregivers to provide the following services to their loved ones. 

Here are some examples of the services you will provide: bathing, toileting, grooming, mobility, transferring, meal preparation, shopping, laundry, housework, meal prep, dressing, and administering medicine, and more.

Who can be a client?

have Medicaid

Live in Michigan

Need help with day-to-day living

Only have Medicare but no Medicaid

Who Can Be a Paid Family Caregiver?

18+ years old

No criminal record of felonies, neglect/abuse of patients, or convictions under Medicare, Medicaid, other state healthcare programs

Be willing and able to provide care and follow program rules

Legal spouse of the patient

Parent of the patient who is under 18